Turn the Page!, Fairyland’s annual festival honoring local children’s book authors and illustrators, has been postponed until 2022. To keep celebrating these incredible creators while we wait, we’ll be featuring several of them on Fairyland’s Magic Tree.

Jesse Byrd

Author Jesse Byrd left Google to pursue his true love of creating stories for readers young and old. Today, for Turn the Page Storytime, he reads a children's book he wrote called "Sunny Day." It's described as "a picture book of laughter and hope" and we think you're going to love it. Also, check out Hallow-Mas, a half-Halloween, half-Christmas book he's crowdsourcing. It's written by kids for kids.

Fun fact about Jesse: At six feet, eight inches tall, he paid for his college education playing basketball at UC Santa Barbara! 

Angela Dalton

Oakland author and Turn the Page! participant, Angela Dalton, spends a lot of time looking at the sky. The North Star (aka Polaris) is her favorite and she likes cumulus clouds the best because they remind her of cotton candy. Here on the Magic Tree, watch her read "If You Look Up to the Sky,” the book she wrote about “the power of everlasting love and the ways the sky connects us through good times and bad.” 

Her upcoming book, "Ruby’s Reunion Day Dinner," can be pre-ordered through her website (May 8, 2021 release date). She calls it a "love letter to all the cooks in my family and the food that brought us together." In a blog post, she writes, “pre-orders are extremely important to authors, especially during the pandemic. It tells the publisher, 'We want picture books that are diverse and show representation – like this one!’”

C.V. Monterrubio

Bay Area author C.V. Monterrubio is a bilingual writer of short stories and books for children. Born in Tenochtitlán, now known as Mexico City, she lives in Northern California with her husband and dog. She recognices herself as a cis-gender woman, mestiza, Mexican and “chilanga” (from Mexico City) by birth and conviction. She’s always loved to read and is forever thankful that her mother, father and maternal grandpa always provided her with books. She loves big libraries and bookstores, and prefers physical books to digital ones. She created her first stories and characters at the age of six, and wrote her first poem at thirteen. She believes in respect as a universal rule, and loving and doing for others what you would do for you (“the golden rule”). She is an evolving human. She writes, thinks and yells in Spanish and English from a young age. She’s very unpopular.

While visiting a beach one day she began to wonder if swimming in the ocean meant she would be swimming in whale poop! In pursuit of the answer, she learned many interesting things about the role a whale’s poop plays in the ocean’s ecosystem. The result is this English/Spanish book, Do Whales Poop?/¿Las Ballenas Hacen Popó? which she reads for this Turn the Page! Storytime.


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