Episode 3: Habitats

Here's what you'll need for this project.

1. Cardboard box/shoe box
2. Paint
3. Brush
4. Pencil
5. Color Pencils/Markers
6. Nature Foragings
7. Glue
8. Any craft materials that inspire you!

Fairyland is proud to offer Flora and Fauna, an online series that gets kids, age 4 to 8, outside and into nature! Get curious about the plants and animals in your neighborhood with fun, engaging hands-on activities. New episodes premiere every first Friday of the month.

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Episode 1: The Naturalist Journal

Here's what you'll need for this project.

1. Used or new notebook or journal

2. Paper for creating cover, this could be: prints, wrapping paper, paper you paint yourself, construction paper, newspaper, magazine pages, so many options!

3. Scissors

4. Wet Glue (try to avoid glue sticks) 

5. Brush for spreading glue evenly 

6. Pencil

7. Ruler

8. Card stock for title​

9. Markers 

10.Any decorations you want!

Episode 2: Signs of Life

Here's what you'll need for this project.

1. Pencils 

2. Pens

3. Color pencils and/ or markers

4. Glue Stick

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