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A note from co-founders


Fairyland is an important place to both of us. A place where we used to play as kids, where we felt safe and anything felt possible. When we heard that place was at risk of closing we could not stand for it. You see that feeling of possibility had never left us, we had never stopped dreaming or storytelling and now our friends at Fairyland were in trouble. We reached out to see how we could help and together we started to imagine the next chapter in their history.


They say it takes a village, so we called all our friends and they called all their friends and, boy did the Bay show up! Because that’s what communities do - they show up for each other. 

We are proud to be partnering with Fairyland to build Magic Tree, a dope, diverse, digital space where all can come to play, to learn, to let their imaginations run wild and hopefully to inspire the next generation of thinkers and storytellers.

Much love,

Rafael & Daveed

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